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Block broken

I have been getting block broken by Nc and Mordo since my phone automatically downloaded the update. I am getting wrecked in aw when I am holding block and NC breaks it and pretty much kills me in 3 hits. Getting really frustrating.


  • Gari90Gari90 Posts: 46
    edited August 2017
    Same thing here after updating to 14.1.1. All of sudden I can't block, my champs don't give a **** when I want them to dash back. All I'm allowed to do now in this broken game is to DIE. I just got annihilated by a freaking 4* NC in AW, he killed my 5* Ultron, Magik and SIM. My champs were literally standing like fools taking all the hits he threw - no block, no dash back, no parry - NOTHING. Clown fiesta of a game.
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