LF 2 for 18 mill AQ 5x5 focused alliance with 1bg AW

Greetings all, Universal Justice League (UJL) is recruiting again.

If you are needing a break from AW, and want to build your rosters for the future, or just a vet tired of map6/7 then we have a spot for you. We are an awesome group of vets and growing players. Started out as a simple Map3 alliance and have blossomed into what we are today.
As for rules:

1. Communication is pivotal. I require that all members download and actively use the Line app to communicate with your teammates.
2. Participation in AQ and SA is mandatory. AW is voluntary. I will not tolerate camping on a path.
3. Donations are 100K gold a week. Each week of AQ 5x5 is 2,250,000 gold

I have a few qualifiers that must be met.

1. Experience level: At least UC'd with Map5 experience with a nice roster that allows both AQ and questing to take place without a dropoff.
2. Communication: Use the LIne app. It is also how I will vet each recruit.
3. Timezone: I prefer US timezones. The majority are US based but have a handful in the UK and Australia but would prefer US based.

If you feel you can meet those simple requirements hit me up on Line and let us get to chatting.

Line ID and In-game: Apocolypse225


  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 72
    Looking for 3 now. One just left to go help out his old alliance.
  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 72
    Still need 3. HMU on line

  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 72
    Still LF 2.
  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 72
    Looking for 1 to replace an officer that is ready to retire.
  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 72
    Looking for 1. HMU On Line

    ID: Apocolypse2225
  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 72
    Spot filled.
  • MemphisUSFMemphisUSF Posts: 72
    Another spot opened up.

    LF 1 for 1-2BG AW 5x5 AQ 140-160 mill weekly guaranteed.

    HMU On line

    ID: Apocolypse225
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