Who gets the rank up? Symbiote Supreme or Thing

The title is pretty self explanatory but there are more details. I want to take up Thing and I only need some basics to take him to rank 4, he would be my third with Domino and Blade. Even though I recently got him I love him. He’s helping me destroy Variant 2 and will probably be more useful as a Rank 4. I also have Symbiote Supreme who I recently got and awakened. He can go only to rank 3 as I won’t have enough class or basic T4 to take him up. I’ve heard that Symbiote Supreme has LOTS of utility but I can’t seem to take advantage of it. Please leave your vote and an answer as to why. (I’ll post some pics right after this to give more visualization.)

Who gets the rank up? Symbiote Supreme or Thing 13 votes

Symbiote Supreme Rank 3
HairyslugRakeYoungBeyond00_EtjamaILLUSION8 5 votes
The Thing Rank 4
Spity68adqqedfyvrFallDogBombsMoonArsozHedronFreeToPlay_21TravNationRordog 8 votes


  • Hera1d_of_Ga1actusHera1d_of_Ga1actus Posts: 55

    ( I know I can’t rank up Thing right now, but I would like to know your opinions because I’ll be getting a lot of T4CC from all these upcoming events and my 10 T4CC crystals.)
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