Epic Rift Sig Stones?

MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 352 ★★
I'm one of the exciting few who have received the Epic Rift Booby Prize: Class Specific Sig Stones.

I had one early run where I received additional sig stones in an ingame email because (1) Skill x5 sig stone was beefed about. I think I got two or three extra? For sure 2 extra.

My last Epic Rift run netted me (1) Mutant x5 sig stone. I incorrectly assumed that the number of stones issued for that rift gate would be increased to total number of stones I got from the rift and in the email.

Is this something that gets sent to support? Is this intended?

I'm not beefing about all of my epic rift rewards, but 2 out of 5 runs with sig stones does stink. Especially if there's only a x5 sig stone as a reward.


  • CaramesCarames Posts: 284 ★★
    edited July 2019
    Be glad that it wasn't 4 out of 5. :(

    I don't really understand why the sig stone prize for unstable is worse than stable, either. In stable, you'd get 10 stones. In unstable, you get 5. It's the only prize that is worse in unstable.....
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