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Who to rank guide.... IMO

Kaladin_Kaladin_ Posts: 391
edited July 2019 in Strategy and Tips
So because I'm so bored and I often see post with questions about who to rank I decided to type this.

I don't know if there is a best solution on ranking, but I can share with you the ranking system I use. I rank based upon need. I try to give myself one champion that is good for any particular situation. This system has served me well, as I have an answer to many of the nodes that are set before me.

Some champs are very good for multiple situations these are very high on my ranking list. I think a complete roster should include champions that are: bleed, poison, incinerate immune; Also you need a hard hitter, a power controller, a power gainer, and a heal blocker maybe even a damage mitigator or true striker.

So from my list of needs you can probably guess that Iceman was definitely worth R5 for me; as he checks 4 off the need list. My other rank 5s are Hyperion, Corvus, Arch Angel, and Luke Cage. I don't have a very extensive roster but I make do with what I have.

If you like, use my list of needs to determine the versatility of your rooster. it could help in determining your next rank up. Below I will put an example of champions that fill multiple requirements. There are more champions but these are some of the ones I like most.

bleed immune (Cage)
poison immune (Medusa)
incinerate immune (Void)
power controller (Vision)
power gainer (Hyperion)
Heal blocker (sentinel)
damage mitigator (Iceman)
Damage dealers (Corvus, Stark Spider Man, Cull, Namor, Blade, Ghost, Domino) to name a few.

Once you get your attacking teams complete maybe rank a defense guy. I like:Mr. Sinister, Havok, Thing, & Korg. It's always nice to see a ton of KOs by your name in AW lol. But definitely get that attack team in order first.

And I will tell you that I think the best champ in the game is Corvus Glaive, he is not the most versatile but his damage output and cheat death ability can save you a lot of potions and revives when exploring.


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