Totally New Building Alliance RECRUITING ACTIVE 200k+ PLAYERS FOR A/Q Map5.

IceSnowIceSnow Posts: 282 ★★
New Alliance Recruiting Loyal and Experianced Players,,,,

- 4+ R5 champs in the roster and can put out a capable attack for AQ/AW and at least a decent D set up for AW
-Map 5 experience a must
- Higher level AW experience
-Strong fighter capable of competing in AW tier 2 and capable of holding a line to themselves
- Can complete higher level content and challenge quests (Master, ROL, RTL,Dave Bautista, etc).

Line App and Donations(Standard map 5 donation) are required.

If interested I can be reached via line to discuss further and see if it's a fit.

Line ID Masumst.
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