Champs moving on their own

Ok, so, I've been having problems with this for a while now and it's starting to be annoying... Let me clarify, I'm in a war or aq, randomly my champ is doing things that I'm not telling him to do... I'm not touching the screen and he's running towards the enemy and doing heavy hit... I'm holding block and he put his hands down and again run towards enemy... in the middle of a combo he just stop hitting and stands there ready to receive combo in his face... and so on...
Anyone else having problems like that?


  • beaupoembeaupoem Posts: 444
    pretty much everyone for a long time now. there's prob at least 1 thread on every page about it
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Yea and kabam knows about it and is very content with leaving it broken as long as they get our money.

    Otherwise they would've fixed it ages ago when they first found out about it, but they didn't and now more and more issues have been cropping up that makes combat a buggy, frustrating mess, that just costs us our time, our resources and are money
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    Been looking for those posts but haven't found one...
  • SonicEmpireSonicEmpire Posts: 82
    Yep this is a known and possibly ingored bug in the game.
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    Thanks all, as I said, I've been looking for someone with same problem but I didn't find and I just wanted to see if I'm crazy or it's a known bug...
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    i've had this problem on iphone 5s now i have a iphone 7 i do not experience this problem anymore which device are you using?
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    iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2, both on newest software and same problem on both devices.
  • I hit this same issue a couple of days ago. So annoyed I tried to bend my iPad Air2 in half. (OK. Maybe only 5-10 degrees, but you could definitely see I was a bit miffed at the game.)

    I was so mad at my old device I bought a new one and noticed I still had the same issue. My champions were evexcuting moves I never told them to execute. It was so bad, I had no control over them.

    Long story short is that it only happened recently and then I remembered, I had just completed the monthly event quest in heroic mode. To test this I went to an arena and had no issue controlling my character. Only had issue in the event quest.

    Now I am trying to fix my older device. I really wish they would look into this and fix it..... >:(
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    Ye, been going on for ages. Sometimes feel there's an improvement but then it gets worse. Get it everywhere n some characters seem worse than others
  • I first noticed it after the initial release when Auto Fight feature introduced many moons ago. Still going on
    I wholeheartedly believe these problems are linked to that stupid useless feature
    They need to remove it (auto fight). It functioned terribly when I tried it after it was released and never used it since. I believe it interferes with user controls even in areas it is not designed for use
  • That was it. I tapped the Auto Fight a couple of times and problem is gone for now. How the heck it got turned on I don't know, but I will have to keep an eye on it going forward. Thnx for the pointer.
  • I've been having this issue off and on for awhile. I just got a new phone a couple weeks ago and no change.

    Dashing forward and back is rare where i really see an issue is dropped blocking. Blocks even drop in the middle of a combo or sp attack. The higher i go up in content it becomes VERY noticeable. Doing rttl and it was going very well until blocks started dropping (im holding block and then my champion just stops blocking) so frequently that i can't get Nebula to charge past 2 shock charges. I still was able to do a lot of content by committing to only parrying but come on! I need my block... This has also made AQ very difficult.

    I use an android G4. I do use auto fight alot for cat 2 and cat 3 content... I'll try to stop using that I'm going to do a fresh install now and then try and never hit auto fight again and see if it works.
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    You had one job job
  • Uninstalled the game and cleared phone cache.

    The problem got better but is still present (it actually got so bad that blocks were dropping every few seconds). My block hasn't been dropping but i just lost a 69 hit SL combo and charged directly into BWs heavy strike that was about 40% finished.

    So, while actively holding block my hero (SL), without my consent, charged in for a medium attack and died.
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