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Changes to Certain Champions. (Edited by mod for clarity)

TR_Dragon_CTR_Dragon_C Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in Suggestions and Requests
I've playing this game for over 2 and a half years but I have thought about asking you guys to upate some of the champions abilities.

For Instance:
Captain Marvel - A Good Addition would be to have it to where she can stack fury.
Storm - Since All Her Attacks are lighting based she should be given shock immunity.
Sup. Ironman - He's to much like OG Ironman, so I was thinking about for updating his ability to where at 50% he gets 2 stacks of fury, 25% Power Gain (1 Power Bar), and 10% Regen :7500 health +10% Block Proficiency.
Luke Cage: Make his indestructible 5 seconds long, when first hit, and 1 - 3 seconds long after each special.

I have many more ideas for characters, and a character design if you would like to see them or know more about them. Also, I and many others are wondering if we are going to get anymore rank down tickets.

- Dragon


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    KestrelleKestrelle Posts: 441 ★★
    They've told us we're not getting rtd again unless they nerf characters, at which point we may get class specific rtds
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    SungjSungj Posts: 2,113 ★★★★★
    There's tons of posts already on this topic many of which have the exact same ideas as you have. As good ideas they may be kabam don't take ideas from the community unless they specifically ask for it. People are getting kind of tired of the constant buff posts and there is lots of good discussion on previous threads so you can go look on there
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    Hey! Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts on various Champions and the game! To keep things organised, and to help foster discussion on your ideas, I've moved this thread to our Suggestions section, and have also made a small edit to the title of the thread. This way, it can be found and understood far easier.

    Please make sure to post in the relevant sections of the forum so that our team and other players are able to find threads like these faster!
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