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How long will it take to fix the 6.2.6 champion bug after the update?

A week ago today I faced the power stone champion. I had to magik my way from 100%-10% spent lots of units on that alone since I don’t have a SS. Revived my cap IW and removed those 5 charges off the champion by dexing, after those were gone I used a sp3 and I did no damage and it just restarted the stage and the champion had the charges on again. After that I messaged prof hoff and sent a email to kabam, they wanted me to answer some questions and waiting for them to respond for a few days, got a message back from them that they r looking into the issue and many other people have emailed them as well about the issue and they’d email us back after they fixed it, and nothing yet from them. I’m slowing down on the monthly event quest haven’t quit the quest because I used about 1800 units and if I quit that would go to waste and I haven’t spent much money on the game. So @Kabam Miike do u know how long this will take to be fixed?


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    Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,936 ★★★
    If you are referring to the issue with The Champion, it was reported and resolved on June 28. Please refer to this thread.
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