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Which Captain IW should I rank up?

Hi! I really hope you’re having a good time. So, I’m here to ask for some piece of advice.

I have a 5* and a 6* versions of Captain America IW; the 5* one is on sig level 200, and the 6* one is unawakened. Which one should I rank up?

Have in mind that I still have to make the 100% of Ultron’s Assault chapter 3, 100% Act 6.1 and also the first run through 6.2

Please, give me your advices and reason on this “problem” that I’m having.

Thank you for your help!! 😁😁


  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,637 ★★★
    5*. His sig is legit. And 5/65 sig 200 will be much better than a rank 2 sig 0 for a long time
  • Pete4ever_khanPete4ever_khan Posts: 193
    U only discuss 6* when u have the cats to rank him ip. T5 basic, t2 alphas etc. We all know that kind cats do not become available in a long, long time.
    Sure idealy rank up the 6* for d long run.
    But that long, without an awakening 6* gem and the catalists.... can become very very long.
    Its the reality of this game. Wel all maxed out 4* in order to grow the 5*
  • NihilussNihiluss Posts: 23
    Thank you for the advice, everyone!

    Speaking about the chance of awake my Cap, that is a completely random thing. For example, since I’ve been playin’ this game, like 3 or 4 years ago, I was forced to use a generic awakening gem on Starlord, just to be able to make LOL. Since that day, almost 2 years ago, I have never been lucky enough to gain that guy in crystals... not even once :(

    Anyway. Thank you all, again 😁😁

  • igotgame1075igotgame1075 Posts: 43
    Had this very same problem and I went with a max sig 5* capiw over taking my 6* to r2.
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