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Would you buy Class based cavalier crystals?

LosspikLosspik Posts: 253 ★★
edited July 2019 in General Discussion
Im sure there are many others that feel this way but the current crystal pool is so big and just getting bigger.

dungeon crystals arent ideal to target a specific champ why not run class based cavalier crystals every week like the catalyst event.

The pool could be 1 or 2 classes and would go a long way to trying to target Champs a bit better especially if you have awakening gems of the same classes.

Personally dont spend of cavaliers because the pools to big. Id think 200 units would be Fair comment on your price.

Would you buy Class based cavalier crystals? 19 votes

Id be buying them
thetaman23ADDIS0NLosspikLvernon15KrazewulfosOsfan8G0311harerabbit99Repto23RishikXN0nameXGeorgiaDawgTheRagergp87Monty_E_1SpeakGeek345killmeASAPMr_incredibl3 18 votes
Nah I like big pools
Gowthamst 1 vote
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