An unknown error has resulted in Grandmaster Gauntlet progress being reset for a portion of our playerbase. As a result, we will be temporarily removing the Grandmaster Gauntlet as a playable mode. The mode will be reinstated when the team has resolved the issues.
There appears to be a bug causing missing VFX (visual effects) for a number of elements including traps, phasing and some blocking animations.
The team is aware and looking into the cause of the issue.

Experience with Cap IW & Suicides?

Hey guys,

I have Corvus and Omega at 5/65 and was wanting to try out suicides. But I'm planning to bring up Cap IW as my next 5/65 soon and he doesn't have any immunities.

I'm wondering if anybody else is in the same boat or has experience using cap with suicides. I was planned to just parry, heavy, and sp3 or sp2 to kill. But still curious on how bad suicides are on him...

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