Excessive energy costs for monthly costs.......

There is a serious issue with energy cost if I start out with 70 energy (Max) and I cannot do a complete run without running out of energy. I have noticed several instances especially in the most recent quests where you have 4 empty nodes between 2 fights. There is no reason to have that many spaces between each fight. Having a quest cost 3 or 4 energy per space is bad enough. Making excessively long paths, especially ones that intersect with other paths we already did is not only annoying it makes game boring.

If your going to make the paths long.....at least throw in a revive or potion for our trouble. We shouldn't have to use more than one full energy on one play through. If this is new trend of how future quests are going to be, then increase the max energy limit above 70 for those of us who already are maxed at level 60. Another suggestion would be to shorten the duration time it takes to gain energy by a minute.

As a side note.......treasure chest levels are point less of EVERY chest offers same low tier useless issue. I expect a 5-star chest to have a much higher value than a 2-star chest. Can we not get a random revive or something of value for the higher tier treasure chests?

In particular if you play Master or Uncollected levels, the chests should contain better items or resources. To prevent people abusing resources just make revives appear random......it shouldn't be a issue to get a tier 3 or 4 health potion or a revive at random. I'm sure much of the community would agree with at least some of these points.


  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 1,338 ★★★★
    Grow up. It’s going to cost energy to do a quest, go hug a teddy bear or find a safe space to cry in.
  • Unknown_SoldierUnknown_Soldier Posts: 148 ★★
    What r u talking about dude. Of course it's going to cost energy to do quests......but theres no reason to have to waste 18 energy on an empty line with 6 spaces when it could be done with 4 spaces or less. The only reason to have all the extra space is to force us to buy energy refills.
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