Summoner Appreciation Calendar

Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 1,615 ★★★★
Credit needs to be given where credit is due and I am happy with the 98 day summoner appreciation calendar. And most surprising part for me is the 5 star awakening gem crystal and initially was skeptical and a bunch of other good stuff like 5 star shards,units, gold and other crystals but great job. Thank you kabam for the summoner appreciation calendar!


  • Tony886Tony886 Posts: 364
    98 days are you kidding it should a month for all that rewards
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 306
    Some people can complain about anything. If you give them 3 5* crystals they complain because they either have bad pulls or because they cannot get them to rank 5 right away. Or that it should be 6 star crystals or something along those lines.
  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 1,615 ★★★★
    Man if only Hulkbuster was the next to get buffed
  • Scouse92Scouse92 Posts: 17
    I was expecting at least one t5bc though :(
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