Device performance

I am going to be attempting a legends run this EQ and I was wondering what tips you guys might have on decreasing load time. I'm not sure if these are true but as far as I know these are the things I need to worry about.

1. Stash: make sure it's not too full. Less than 1,000 items?
2. Mail: make sure it's all deleted
3. Do not ask for help with the energy
4. Restart your phone before attempting the run

Please let me know if I"m missing anything or if these are "myths" By the way I have an Iphone X and Verizon is my mobile Carrier, but I plan on doing it on Wifi. I missed out last month with a 3hr 30min time. I killed everything in Heroic with 1hit with my 5/65 Ghost and Master with 3-5 hits using suicides and only boosting for Master.
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