Killmomger as a 5 or 4 star

DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 294
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I have a 4* killmonger at 4/40 at sig 40 but recently got the 5* version
He is unawakened
Should I bother taking the 5 star up or just use the 4 star


  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,276 ★★★
    If you are using the WS synergy then definitely rank the 5*.
  • DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 294
    edited July 8
    I dont
    Plus my highest wS is a 3 star
  • SquishyjrThe_4THSquishyjrThe_4TH Posts: 1,360 ★★★
    5* is still better
  • DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 294
    edited July 8

    5* is still better

    What rank tho 2/35 or 3/45
    He would be my first past 2/35
  • SquishyjrThe_4THSquishyjrThe_4TH Posts: 1,360 ★★★
    3/45 is an equivalent to a maxed out 4*
    So try to get there, he won’t be A bad
    choice since he has lots of utility
  • Oliverb1980Oliverb1980 Posts: 46
    My 4* 5/50 is sig 99. Lucky enough to pull a 6*. When I had the resources, immediately brought him to r2. Never regretted it. Use him regularly on war where you have tons of auto evade, auto block champs.
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 366 ★★
    Rank him as high as possible
  • Thekiller8967Thekiller8967 Posts: 120
    KM is amazing
  • MorbidAngleMorbidAngle Posts: 230
    I had a mate who took him to R5 65 and rips thru a lot of the content with ease. The true strike is particularly valuable especially with all these evade champs
  • LainuaLainua Posts: 508 ★★
    It’s complicated. Max 4* = rank 3 5*, and it’s always hard to rank 4 a 5*.

    In the time you can rank 4 5*, you may get a good 6* and want to focus on him.

    So it’s very complicated. I have stopped rank 4 my 5* already. Totally committed to 6* because I got a few good ones.
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