The Lord of the Timestream!!!

The Pharoah of the Ages. The Lord of the Timestream. The Genius Commander of All Technology in the Universe. Kang has always been a threat to our heroes in the comics. Sadly, he’s not so much of a threat in the contest. Nowadays he just lays in the trophy shelves of many Summoners. I think he deserves to be better. Here’s my idea on how to improve Kang.
My Champion Rework: Kang
- Kang’s Armor grants him (x) additional armor rating. Kang’s armor can only be removed by armor break effects and cannot be nullified. (Still considered as a buff)
- If Kang’s Armor is removed, he loses all of his abilities. Kang Armor will reconstruct itself after 6 seconds
- If Kang’s armor is active, all debuffs on Kang and all of the opponent’s buffs last 60% shorter
When attacking:
- Kang’s Armor senses the need for damage, granting Kang a 20% chance to gain a passive fury increasing his attack by (x) for 10 seconds
When attacked:
- Kang’s Armor senses the need for protection, granting Kang an 80% chance to gain a permanent passive energy resistance or physical resistance effect, depending on the attack that triggered it.
Special 1:
- 10% chance to shock, dealing (x) energy damage over 10 seconds
- Places a Pause passive on himself and the opponent lasting for 6 seconds, pausing all positive effects on Kang and all negative effects on his opponents
Special 2:
- Same as the old one
- Places a Rewind passive on himself and the opponent for 12 seconds. Any damage done and negative effect on Kang will be undone when the effect expires. Also, any health, power, or positive effect gained by the opponent will be undone when the effect expires.
Special 3:
- 100% to inflict Heal block for 20 seconds
- 100% chance to inflict shock, dealing (x) energy damage over 12 seconds
Signature ability: Kang Armor Upgrades
Kang’s Power fuels his neuro-kinetic suit of armor, endowing him with upto (x) additional armor rating along with a (x) second/s increase in fury, pause, rewind, and shock durations based on stored Power.

What do you guys think? Please tell me in the comments section!
Also if anyone of you has Kang, please tell! I’m curious to know how much people own Kang.


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