Missed Node in LoL! 99%

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So 2 days ago I believed I had finished Labyrinth of Legends 100% but somewhere along the way I missed a portion of a path and am currently sitting at 99%. I’m positive I got every fight done so it must be part of the path. I don’t mind doing another run through it but it requires too many resources just to go exploring trying to figure out what I missed or did wrong.

I was told that if I put a support ticket in that the support team would help. And one of the report team responded back to me and asked me to re-enter the Labyrinth so he could see my progress and help me. Once I completed this I was supposed to reply back to him. I did so and he replied. He still has yet to respond. I reached out to him several times during the day, no responses to those either.

I attempted to open a new ticket. I received a blanketed response stating they were duplicates and they would be cancelled.

My question is what the heck do I do now? While my Champions are waiting for him to respond I can’t complete other content. I removed my good team and put 2*s in so I’d have my champs for war.

I’m trying to be patient but it’s getting frustrating. I hate cluttering the forums with this but I have no idea what I should do. Help??! Is there some other way I can talk to the support team without just being brushed aside because I have a duplicate submission?

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    @Kabam Lyra
    I’m not sure who I should tag but you’ve been helpful in the past.
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    I had a spider sennse crystal I opened on July 3rd that awarded no item, I opened a ticket and was told I was right and would be contacted to fix. As of yesterday I hadnt been contacted and opened a 2nd ticket. A rep got back to me this morning and awarded me a new crystal. A second support rep contacted me 2 mins later to give me a hard time about opening the 2nd ticket. I think they just might be flooded with issues this month. They dont usually take that long. Give them a couple of more days.

    Thanks. Usually I’m pretty patient. Again my only issue is I can’t work on other content while my champs are locked up in LoL. I’m afraid to exit in case they need to get in soon. But while I’m waiting I’m twiddling my thumbs. I guess I’m just frustrated that a support member asked me to do a task and requested me to reply back when it was done. I did my part. Just a simple acknowledgement that he followed up, even if it takes days to fix, would go a long way.
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    Every ticket has its priority depending on how critical is the issue. Your ticket has low priority and can be resolved in few days. So be patient and wait
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    The locked map really doesn’t make sense anymore. It was a good idea for legends runs and such but requiring people to use external sources and spreadsheet to see nodes is really just a waste of effort.

    The game already asks enough without making us use external sources and tools to chart and plan out our paths. Once legends runs/first passes are done/claimed the locked maps should be unlocked
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    Never understood why maps were locked in the first place. That sucks dude. I hope they respond soon.
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    Good chance it’s a node that isn’t a fight, like a joining path in the corner or something
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    @Drooped2 @Gamer Thanks guys. I bet those are definite possibilities. I’m thinking it’s the Gamora. It’s just a lot of work to get there to find out I’m wrong.
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    @LumpDeChump I'm 99% sure that by having 99% it can only be one of the corners, if it was the gamora inlet would be 97 or 98 I think. happened to guy in our alliance (he got told no by support the first time he asked for help then waited a few weeks and got someone else who told him straight away what he had missed). But the safest way for you to do it is just go do the corners 1 by one until you find some paths that aren't walked over, then take the easiest route from there to boss, you have definitely done all the fights just missed one of the corners which is why the maps have each path taking a different non important corner each time
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    That makes no sense, Have a look at the map again, the corners don’t have a fight on them, that’s why you have to run them when you aren’t fighting the champ in from the corner. you can actually do all the fights in 6 runs but need a seventh run for full explo, that’s why the maps have 7 paths, they split the fights into seven paths. My friend who had 99% had missed the top right corner
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    If he runs the map outside and gets to Gamora without finding unexplored tiles he would see if that Inlet is unexplored anyway, then if it’s been explored head to top left corner and if that’s not explored it can only be the bottom right
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    I have each path seperated in PDF, if you want me to send to you I can via line?

    Maybe looking at the paths and remembering the fights you could see where youve missed

    Line Id: sunnyjim123
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    I have each path seperated in PDF, if you want me to send to you I can via line?

    Maybe looking at the paths and remembering the fights you could see where youve missed

    Line Id: sunnyjim123

    I am not the one who asks for help but for this Thing i will go through all youre comments and give them an awesome <3
  • Hey LumpDeChump, I'm sorry, we're unable to help with issues like this in the Forums as we don't have direct access to in-game accounts.

    Unfortunately, email is the only way to communicate our Support Team. I understand it can be frustrating when you don't get a response as quickly as you would like. However, I recommend being patient and I'm sure they will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.
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