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Looking for a new alliance

Level 53 uncollected looking for a not so hardcore alliance to do map 4 maybe map 5 and some alliance war in game name Dinospiderman12 I have two champs at the rank 5/50 level and 18 at the 4/40 level. Open to line app and I am quite experienced


  • ThirosThiros Posts: 82
    You pretty much described the alliance I'm in. We're dabbling with map 4, still running map 3 to carry some newer players. We do aq when it's up and aw when it isn't. No requirements or line.

    Throwing you an invite.
  • We’re a gold 3 alliance. Run maps 443 currently plan on moving our top players to map5 and the rest to map4 soon. We run 2 bgs for war which we organize for diversity. Use line to communicate and coordinate. Other than that we’re laid back. All we require is participation in AQ and aw if your sign up.
    Line ID: machinegunchubb
    IGN: machinegunsilvr
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