Ghost doesn't lose the crit buff after hitting opponent!

StrategicStrategic Posts: 462 ★★
So I've been doing UC EQ and I used Ghost against C2 Black Spidey And just now against Spark and sometimes ghost won't lose the crit buff after hitting him!
It only happens on the boss fights and at first I thought I'm imagining it but I'm not.
There's nothing on the nodes, I didn't use L1, didn't get armor break... nothing that I can see.

Is it just me?


  • AmazingDeadpoolAmazingDeadpool Posts: 85
    Never happened to me I used her in that exact same quest. Must be device
  • StrategicStrategic Posts: 462 ★★

    Just read her abilities
    Another thing could be that if the opponent evades she gains a precision passive
    So maybe you had a few stacks which Would be the reason why they didn’t go away

    Damn she does? Guess I didn't know my Ghost as much as I thought I did :)
    That might indeed be it. Thanks.
    Maybe by the time my Ghost is R5 I'll know her perfectly :)
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