AQ 5x5 and AW Gold 3 looking for active recruits 150k+

Active but relaxed alliance looking for new recruits.

We are an AQ focused map 5 x 5 alliance, filled with experienced map 5 players.
We do aw also, and our aim is gold 3 and then wherever we end up above that is a bonus

We focus mainly on AQ to help everyone get rank up items (from crystals and glory store).
For AW we do not require anyone to use potions or revives or boosts, as we feel that it's a massive waste of time and effort for the rewards. So instead, you can actually spend your hard earned resources and glory on other stuff.

We are looking for active sensible people who play primarily around euro time GMT or thereabouts. You'll need to be active enough to move regularly throughout the day, so if you can get on at breaks/lunch etc, you'll be fine.

We don't require much, just activity is main thing and having line as it allows us to connect with you and tag you for nodes in AQ. You'll need to be around 150k +

Donations due every Monday 85k gold 10k loyalty

If you are interested look us up on line or message any of the officers

Officers - line ID

Alliance details -
Infinity RAW


  • SJP_7SJP_7 Posts: 20

    We are looking to change out a few people over this AQ series ends so please get in touch if you are interested.
  • SJP_7SJP_7 Posts: 20
    5 spots up for grabs if anyone is interested let us know.
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