The best Kamala Khan be!

The second Ms. Marvel is in a really bad spot right now. Her abilities are outdated. Everyone hates her. She really isn’t doing so well right now. Hopefully Kabam will buff her in the future and I have an idea on how she will be buffed. Let’s make Kamala the best she can be!
My Champion Rework: Kamala Khan
- An enhanced immune system provides full immunity to the Poisons of the Battlerealm
- Block Proficiency increases by (x) for each fury on Kamala
Stretch Attacks:
- Attacks that utilizes Kamala’s stretching abilities deal True Damage, ignoring Armor and Resistances, and also have a 40% chance to give her a permanent Fury, increasing Attack by (x). Kamala will still gain fury buffs this way even if her attack is blocked or avoided.
(I don’t think I ever played with Kamala at all so maybe make some of her basic attacks stretch if she doesn’t do that already)
- If Ms. Marvel has at least 5 fury buffs, all of Ms. Marvel’s stretch attacks have a 100% chance to Armor Break, reducing armor rating by (x)%
- If Ms Marvel has at least 10 fury buffs, all of Ms. Marvel’s stretch attacks have an 80% chance to become Unblockable
When inflicted with a Debuff:
- Ms. Marvel becomes more defensive, and increases her block proficiency and physical resistance by (x) and also increasing her perfect block chance by a flat (x)%.
- Additionally, Kamala tries her best to avoid enemy attacks with her stretching powers, making enemy attacks have a 10% chance to miss
Special Attacks:
- Kamala gets cocky and becomes more aggressive. Also when she dashes towards her opponent, she has a 20% chance to grow big enough to be Unstoppable for every fury buff on her. These effects last for 10 seconds.
When Attacked:
- 10% chance for a Fury Buff to be removed. This chance decreases by 2% for every Fury Buff on Kamala (this doesn’t work if she only has one fury buff)
Heavy Attack:
- 100% chance to gain Fury, increasing Attack by (x)
Special 1:
- If Kamala has at least 3 fury buffs, the last hit of this attack stuns her opponent for 2 seconds
- If Kamala has at least 5 fury buffs, this attack will deal guaranteed Critical hits
Special 2:
- If Kamala has at least 6 fury buffs, the last hit of this attack stuns her opponent for 4 seconds
- If Kamala has at least 8 fury buffs, this attack is Unblockable and will deal +20% damage
Special 3:
- Gain 3 fury buffs, increasing attack by (x)
- If Kamala has at least 12 fury buffs, this attack stuns her opponent for 6 seconds
- If Kamala has at least 18 fury buffs, this attack inflicts Concussion, decreasing ability accuracy by 100% for 12 seconds
Signature Ability: Morphogenetics
- Ms. Marvel starts to figure out this whole Contest thing, increasing her Fury potency by (x) and granting her the following abilities:
- If Ms. Marvel has at least 15 fury buffs, her stretch attacks have an (x)% increased chance to be critical along with (x) increased critical damage
- If Ms. Marvel has at least 20 fury buffs, her stretch attacks grow so big that they cannot be evaded or missed (only applies to invisible misses)

Thanks for reading!
P.S. Maybe buff her when all the classes have a near-equal amount of good champions because from what I heard the Csmic class has so much good champs right now compared to other classes


  • DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 444 ★★
    Hopefully with me fantastic coming they get some good ideas for her buff if they decide to do one
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    I like that idea mate, espacially the Thing with the strech attacks, maybe they could build up charges instead of granting higher Block proficiency, and at lets say 100 charges She can Block unblockable attacks and things like the mordo Degen through Block with sp1 dont triggern neither
    I guess youre having a great time having pulled Khamala recently?
  • SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    I haven’t pulled her recently @BrudixTree. I just heard from the community that she is very bad so I wanted to make a rework for her.
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