Map 54444 gold 1, LF2-3. for next season .Chill family of veteran players

OnkyOnky Posts: 50
edited July 12 in Alliance Recruitment
Line app required, no drama,no donations, need 2 active players, possibly 3.must be able to finish your assigned lane in aw, 90+ mil in aq. SA 400-500k, active but chill. Just take care of AQ and AW, the rest is your pace. All USA based team. We are all a big family, very relaxed. Line I'd is onky707


  • Jedi_Knight1Jedi_Knight1 Posts: 52
    Hi mate, have to still got a spot? Do you use line? I have been playing for years but currently using a second account after loosing the login details for my original.
  • OnkyOnky Posts: 50
    Prefer USA based and uncollected
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