Would act 6 be capable with this roster?

LodockLodock Posts: 29
Looking to see if I should give act 6 a go, no I haven't explored act 5 100%. But I have been doing so. Slowly but surely.


  • MorbidAngleMorbidAngle Posts: 242
    Sentinel and Sym Supreme will be super helpful. It helps if one of them is at 5/65, but then again a mate of mine finished Act 6.1 with 4/55s. Do note that he had a Corvus tho
  • GamerGamer Posts: 4,075 ★★★★
    You can gain cavlier with that roster but wil never said it esay. Your sentinel wil be the key for the crossbrone
  • LainuaLainua Posts: 553 ★★★
    It would be hard. But I did it with the same roster so you can do it. Prepare many many revives.
  • PeterQuillPeterQuill Posts: 963 ★★★
    I highly suggest your 100% Act 5 first. Youll get so man resource to round out you roster well to Act 6.
  • Too_qikToo_qik Posts: 340
  • Hey guys
  • WoozieWoozie Posts: 167
    It would be possible, but make it easier on yourself by 100% Act 5 and awakening/R5ing some of those champs, will save you more resources even if it takes longer.
    Gotta go backward to go forward.
  • LodockLodock Posts: 29
    Thank you all, I will be pushing to complete act 5 100%
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