The Boys Buff suggestion.

So, I am a big fan of Spidey and his villains. That is also why I think it is sad that most of his villains in this game are never played because they are to weak or just Far From the top. That is why I tought of some buffs and even a synergy for the boys. But because this contains 4 characters it will be a long post. Also these changes will replace the charaters current abilities.

Passive: Mighty charge.
Each time Rhino charges at his opponent with a medium attack and lands the hit he will get a Mighty charge stack up to a maximum of 10. Each Might charge stack will increase Rhinio's attack rating my 5%. When hit by a heavy attack Rhino loses 5 of these charges.
Basic attacks: While Rhino charges at his opponent with a medium attack he will gain a fury increasing his attack rating by 100% for that attack.
Sp1: Rhino has a 0% chance to stun his opponent for 2seconds and a 0% chance to armor break his opponent for 8 seconds by landing this hit. These chances increase by 10% per Might charge stack.
sp2: Rhino activates a fury for the duration of this attack. This fury increases his attack rating by 0%. The potency of this fury is increased by 25% per Mighty charge stack.
sp3: Stun and armor break the opponent for 4 seconds. This duration is increased by 0.5 seconds per Might charge stack.
Awakend ability: Sharp horn.
When Rhino charges at his opponent with a medium attack his crit rate increased by 50% for the duration of this attack. Additonally landing this attack and it being critical will bleed the opponent for 100-150% of Rhino's attack rating over the duration of 3 seconds. These bleeds stack up to 10.

Passive: (Keep his passive Shock immunity thing), Electro builds up his Electricity as the fight goes on. These Electric charges stack up to a total amount of 100.
Basic attacks: Deal an additional 0.5% damage of the base attack per Electric charge. Hitting into an opponent under the effect of a shock debuff will grant Electro 1 Electro charge per light attack, 2 charges per medium attack and 5 charges per heavy attack.
Special Attacks: All special attacks have an 85% chance to inflict the opponent with a Shock debuff which lasts 8 seconds, dealing 100% of Electro's base attack as damage over time.
Sp1: This attack has a 50% chance to stun the opponent and this change is increased by 1% per Electric charge.
Sp2: This attack will always crit as long as Electro has atleast 1 Electro charge. Additonally Electro will gain a cruelty buff for 8 seconds when activcating this attack. Increasing his crit damage by 1% per Electro charge.
Sp3: If Electro usus this attack while having 100 Electric charges he enters Over charge mode for 10seconds. During this duration Electro is immune to damage and all the damage that would be recived will be dealt to the opponent instead.
Awakend ability: Shocking effect.
When the opponents attacks into Electro while he is in his Overcharge mode they will have 30-65% chance to be infliced with a shock debuff lasting for 8seconds and dealing 100% of Electro's base attack. These Shock debuffs stack up to a total of 3.

Green Goblin:
Passive: (keep his madness and cunning passive), Green Goblin reduces the potency of all poisons on him by 85% And reduced their duration by 2 seconds.
Heavy attack: 100% chance to inflict the opponent with an incinerate debuff
Sp1: Lasers: 100% chance to power drain 25% of a bar of power and deal 50% additional damage if power was drained. Pumpkin bomb: 90% chance to inflice weakness debuff.
Sp2: (keep the same)
Sp3: 100% chance to inflice the opponent with all debuffs.
Awakend Ability: Oscorp Weaponry.
Increases the potency of all debuffs by 25-50% per madness or cunning charge on Green Goblin.

passive: (Keep everyhing the same but change the armor buff)
Vulture has an Chitauri armor buff increasing his armor rating by 1% per Chitairi energy and preventing Vulture from losing more than 15% of his health from a signle blow. If more than 15% of his max health would be dealt it instead cosumes the amror buff. The Chitauri buff refreshes it self every 30seconds.
basic attacks: Vulture's basic attack generate 50% extra power and gain 50% crit chance when hitting into an incinerated opponent.
heavy attacks: Armor break the opponent for 12 seconds.
sp1: (Increase power drain from 25% to 100%)
sp2: (Increase power burn from 25% to 50% and the duration from 10 to 15 seconds)
sp3: This attack incinerates the opponent for 5% of Vulture's attack rating per Chitauri energy. This incinerate lasts for 20seconds.
Awakend ability: Chitauri upgrade.
While Vulture has 100 Chitauri energy all of his attacks will be critical. Additonally increase his max Chitauri energy cap by 10-50%/

Synergy: The Boys.
Electo, Green Goblin, Vulture and Rhino. Increase base attack rating by 5% and crit rating by 5% per Boy in your team.


  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 213
    Vulture 's buff idea is pretty good , he deserves a slight buff to be amazing
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