LF allliance

LF new alliance that does Quest and War all week. I've attached my Profile and roster. I'm UK but don't mind US or mixed etc. Prefer a Alliance that's quite organised and uses a 3rd party chat like Discord or Line.

LINE ID: schjones


  • BrazenhutBrazenhut Posts: 32
    Our alliance has a mix of guys from US and Europe. We are pretty active and run map5/3 and are silver 1 in war. We use discord for communication.
    Here is the invite to our discord server.
    Join the discord server and let’s find out if we are mutually compatible.
  • Mdawood41Mdawood41 Posts: 11
    edited July 12
    Super organized alliance mostly UK running map5x5 with assigned bgs uses line for communication and looking for a few replacements. Message me in game or on line
  • Hawkster75Hawkster75 Posts: 3
    Hi Samuel we are UK and run both. Add me in game Hawkman75.
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