Returning player, new account

Lvl 25 player, very active as I just started 7 days ago and I’m looking for an organized alliance to grow with. Used to have two separate lvl 60 accounts so I play above my current rating.
In game is: Firebrand4


  • Supergiant11Supergiant11 Posts: 11
    I've started a new ally with my 2nd account. we are looking for players such as yourself. Ally tag is AøfDJ ally name is Elk Grøve Jefes my line iD is deadbydawn3000. just need to be active and have line. We are trying to fill the ranks. Will be AQ focused maps2&3, AW is optional.
  • Supergiant11Supergiant11 Posts: 11
    edited July 12
    My ingame name is ELKgrøve§LA§HER. Would like you to also be 20k rating or close.
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