Missing permission slips

On my 2nd account i cannot buy lvl 2 3 or 4 permission slips only lvl 1 are available the account is lvl 27 so i can enter all 4 difficulties, but i cannit enter due to permission slips not showing


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    The different permissions slips are based on which act you have completed
  • Hey there, as others have mentioned, the Permission Slip availability is based on your progression in the story campaign. Level 1 Permission Slips are available to everyone, Level 2 Permission Slips are available for those who are Contenders and beyond, Level 3 Permission Slip are available for Proven and beyond, Level 4 Permission Slip are available for Conqueror and beyond, and Level 5 Permission Slip are available for Uncollected and beyond.
  • BradlarrBradlarr Posts: 20
    Thanks, i didnt know the situation
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