Top 150 AQ 9300+ prestige looking for 1 (6x5)

Our alliance is called (NxTP1) Untainted - TP1. We run 3 bgs of 6x5 (rank around 150th weekly) and are looking for a player ASAP to replace a retiring member. We are plat 3 the last 3 war seasons with minimal effort, and close to plat 2 this season. No event mins and an ego free environment.

The right members should have the following requirements:

- 4-5 or more 5/65 champs
- North American based play time (no exceptions)
- Strong communicator
- Flexible roster to handle map 6 paths along with war.

If you’re interested in chatting more please add me on either chat app:

Discord: •The Ricktator•#1337
Line: rickthemang
In game: •The Ricktator•
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