Cull still broken

Its been about two weeks now and my cull is still broken if Kabam is not going to fix him then i would like to trade him for a Namor it would be worth all the units and rank up material i used on cull


  • Topdog23Topdog23 Posts: 7
    Not to worry. I'm sure kabam will rectify that in the next update.
  • ZuroZuro Posts: 982 ★★★
    They usually fix bugs in the monthly updates
  • Hey there, we're currently aware of issues with Cull Obsidian and have threads going for them in the Bugs and Known Issues section of the forums. If they are for the issue you're referring to, you can keep an eye on those and we will update everyone as more information becomes available. If you are experiencing a new issue, you can report it in the Bugs and Known Issues section as well.
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