Venom le Duck - Your Daily Utility Champion

I'm back and with a guide of a Howard the Duck (with cancer)
Venom the Duck has multiple utility and I should give his back story

You see one day,Kabam had an idea to make a fairly balanced hero that had a cool look. Until the team had slept so much and the release of the character was hours away,and they were like "screw it" and so was created Venom the Duck.
Right now,Venom the Duck has a lot of utility and can be compared to Cull Obsidian!

Let's get into this sick guide shall we?(Get it?Since its Howard the duck that's si- ok never mind)

Now if you notice,Venom the Duck has a biiiig mouth,which means he has a persistent charge.
This persistent charge is your in-built Swiss Bank Account (but instead of money,you get your buffs)
Venom the Duck (OK I've been using that name forever now,let's name him...Ducktor?Yeah that's good)
Venom the Duck has a passive important buff 'Aberration' or as we summoners call it 'Abort-nevermind. This is similar to Venom's passive but instead of a timer,it starts on charges from 0 unawakened.If reached to 100,it resets and becomes like a picture that your friends send you but instead of a picture its a buff (you don't know what you're gonna get)

So Ducktor has many buffs of 2 categories
Survival(steroids) or Frenzy(megasteroids).
Survival includes- Perfect Block Chance,Armor Up and Regeneration
Frenzy includes- Fury,Precision and Power Gain(mostly power rate)

Ducktor also has a 50% bleed chance on critical hits,the bleed will be varied on your damage for the strike that caused bleed. If the target is bleed immune,Ducktor will be angry and put a Degeneration passive although with small damage changes.

The RNA bank will let you save at least 3 buffs per fight and once you put a buff,the RNA bank becomes a 6-year old child saying it will never take a buff out once entered. The way to place buffs in the persistent charge are to either heavy attack and hit the opponent or use Special 1 or 2 to get it(laughs,"I got the buffs in the bank")
Let's go to his specials
Special 1- Ducktor confuses his mind thinking the opponent is a dancer,forcing him to get a whip on his hand and smack it on the opponent 3 times. (This puts a buff in the persistent charge).This skill makes Ducktor excited,giving him an extra damage element called "Siphon". This deals small damage and gains more Aberration per whack.This skill is reliable to save buffs.
Special 2- Ducktor is an extra-ordinary chef in making omelettes and proves so by first him slapping the opponent,coming out of his hide,making the opponent open their mouths and taste 2 eggs.(WARNING-What you're about to see is opponents die from cancer,please keep this under viewer's discretion) Venom the Duck puts a BUFF-Toxic Armor
Now I know whatcha thinking (oh hey Sarthak,if its a buff how the hell will it come useful?)
This puts 90 armor rating for your opponent, true but listen to the full thing. If you hit the target under toxic armor,you deal your damage as well as 90% of the opponents armor rating in a secondary damage. Hence this is an egg that is cancerous and can be stacked. Any armor up champion is Baked Potato for Ducktor.This skill also saves buffs.

Special 3- Now seeing YouTube Rewind 2018 disgusted us all,but now Ducktor's special 3 will do the same job but in a disgustingly good way.
You get all the buffs from RNA bank and that's what makes him a cancer.
Here are some buff builds you could use for Ducktor.

The "oh I don't know what I'm going against"-
2 Regenerations,2 Power Gains,2 Furies and 2 Precision's.

The " oh its a high HP champion"-
4 Furies,3 Precision and 3 Power Gains

The "oh I want cheese damage"-6 furies and 4 Precisions

The "oh God its a high armor champion"-4 Power Gain,3Furies and 3Precisions.

Tips and Lessons-
1)Ducktor is awesome in debuff immune fights as he puts that degen passive and toxic armor is a buff.
2)Ducktor can survive from Havok's plasma detonate as he can get an armor up buff.
3)Buffs stored in RNA bank will never go once entered.
4)Make the first fight as long as you can to get the first 3 buffs
5)Spam special 2 if its an armor champion.
6)Spam special 3 if its a different champion.
7)Precision,Fury,Power Gain and Regeneration are his most important and ideal buffs.
8)If wanted,you can use synergies that give you more chance to get a category of a buff.
9)You can use the Domino synergy to get more ability accuracy of special 2 to get more chance of toxic armor.
10)Blade synergy will make bleed more durable

-Enhanced Fury to get more steroids
-Max crit rating for that bleed or degen

Great fights-
Any Iron Man,colossus,and literally anything
Weak fights-
Symbiote Supreme,Mephisto and anything that nullifies or punishes buff champions.

Well that's all I have folks
I suggest you play this Slippery Powerful Goose.
See you on the other side.


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 1,270 ★★★
    Another less k own thing about him, if you have 1 perfect block buff you can do a 7 hit combo from parry like you can with say daredevil, so it’s always nice to bank one of those to help deal more damage and cycle specials
  • LibertyPrimeV1LibertyPrimeV1 Posts: 1,111 ★★★
    Don't forget the Symbiote Supreme Synergy also increases Bleed Duration, along with +15% Nullify and Fate Seal Resistance, that Plus the Blade Synergy leads to some Much longer Bleeds.
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,598 ★★★★
    He doesn’t really have much utility just a straight damage and regen champ
  • ItsAMeSarthakItsAMeSarthak Posts: 62
    Kobster84 said:

    He doesn’t really have much utility just a straight damage and regen champ

    He can survive Havok and literally anyone if you get perfect block chance.
  • XdSpoodermanxDXdSpoodermanxD Posts: 180 ★★
    This is probably the best character guide ever.
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