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300k player. 6650 prestige needing 5x5 ally

Looking for an ally that will finish aq everyday. I'm almost always available...and I'm nice! Hit me up!


  • UHJ69UHJ69 Posts: 132
    We do 5x5 (with the occasional no-war map 6), score 130 million per week, very active and friendly/talkative group, looking to fill a few spots after the season ends. Send me a request in game and feel free to check us out (name is the same)
  • AethyrosAethyros Posts: 108

    Check out my profile. Me and niece and a bunch of our friends our starting our own ally because we were fed up with the treatment we received in our soon to be former alliance. We hope to be running 5x5 ASAP and gold ASAP as well, but know it may take a few weeks. We are all really good people and finding great people as well as great players truly matters to us. I put up 1 mil in gold in donations a week to help keep donations low. If you’re interested, please find me on:

    Line: Aethyros
    IGN. Aethyros
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 623
    People tell me I'm nice too! Not currently looking for anyone but I'll hit you up if we are and see how your doing.
  • SciArtistSciArtist Posts: 56
    Can’t find you in game.
    Check for me on SciArtist
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