Calling All Summoners Attending San Diego Comic-Con!



  • FingfangfoomfanesFingfangfoomfanes Posts: 1,102 ★★★
    Can do fb live? Please? TIA
  • mgj0630mgj0630 Posts: 370 ★★★
    Question for a mod...

    Are you aware of any way to get tickets for the event tomorrow? I'm in the San Diego area for work, and can likely make time to get there, but talking to some of the locals here, I get the impression you can't buy a ticket for a single day admission.

    Any truth to that? Or any way MCOC could assist?

    Thanks in advance!
  • I'll be there Fri-Sun actually attending, but I'll be downtown today Kabam going to have a booth or pop up location you check out?? @Kabam Miike
  • Scouse92Scouse92 Posts: 26
    Don’t bother with your resume the 3 will probably be youtubers like Seatin god I hate that guy
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,719 Guardian

    What was the announcement?

    Summoner tournament that only applies to “special” summoners. So essentially this event has no effect on 99.9999% of summoners.
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