6* to R2 or 5* R5?!? Help!

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First some context to where im at and what I have already. I have done 1 run of Act 6.1, Act 6.2, Variant 1, and LOL. I have 100% variant 2. I currently have five R5 five stars, all at sig 200 (blade, starky, aegon, medusa, and domino)

I am trying to decide wheter or not to have my first rank 2 6*, or rank 5 another 5*, or do 2 rank 4 five stars instead next...

Also, im set on having a good AW defense, this decision is based around end game content that i still need to 100%

6* to R2 or 5* R5?!? Help! 43 votes

R1 to. R2 6* symbiote supreme (unawakened)
Stark78AlfaA l p h a10or_StrongFhfjghhggggjfhfjgTheSpicyKnightSPIDERMANANTMANrahul9582084064H3t3rThoye3 9 votes
R4 to R5 5* CAPIW (sig 200)
ArcDeAngelusDukeLvernon15SiddhantKwatraPazinatorSpiderCoolsThecrusher_9756PeterQuillWoozieRockypantherxDoomeuspontusumbraBatman1903EtjamaMidnite93Msyounus1288ddomÆgon0710Narwhal52xSkillful_star 24 votes
R4 to R5 5* Void (sig 180)
TheManMythLegendRam_SarkarbrunakTheDuke899VinvickMorbidAngle 6 votes
R4 to R5 5* GR (sig 100)
Spity68Siddhant 2 votes
R3 to R4 to R5 Ghost (sig 20) not good at playing her yet
simolaz-sixate- 2 votes
R3 to R4 gulk and Venom, both unawakened


  • Msyounus1288Msyounus1288 Posts: 221 ★★
    R4 to R5 5* CAPIW (sig 200)
    Sym supreme is a niche champ. Great against champs or nodes with refreshing buffs just not very useful anywhere else. Doesn’t make sense to r2 a 6* that’ll just sit on the bench for 90% of content. I think he’s good at r4 as 5* or r1 6*. I’d definitely go with cap. You already have a full team of r5s that compliment caps sig ability.
  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 1,470 ★★★★★
    R3 to R4 to R5 Ghost (sig 20) not good at playing her yet
    If you have the synergies for Ghost.... learn to play her. It's worth the effort. Love my R5 Ghost. She's an absolute cheat code.
  • PazinatorPazinator Posts: 69
    R4 to R5 5* CAPIW (sig 200)
    I’d rank the CAIW you’ve already got him max sig so you’ve got guaranteed value of the awakened ability and he’ll be invaluable to your roster.

    I would then spend the time and learn ghost she is the best champion in game when played correctly.
  • ReeseSmith14ReeseSmith14 Posts: 77
    So it seems like CapIW first, then focus on Ghost
  • TheManMythLegendTheManMythLegend Posts: 4,289 ★★★★★
    R4 to R5 5* Void (sig 180)
    There is a lot of good options there but Void is on another level, i used to think he was only good for a few certain match ups but i do not regret one bit taking mine to r5, dude is super usefull for so much content
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