Let’s Fix the Class Masteries!

I don’t really see the use of all the Class Masteries except for Mystic Dispersion. I think that these masteries need to be reworked so that people will have more useful choices for their mastery setup. Here are my ideas on how to rework them.
My Rework Ideas for the Class Masteries:
Pure Skill: With extensive field training, Skill Champions have an (x)% chance to ignore auto-block and evade
Mutagenesis: Rapid mutagenesis reduces enemy debuff durations in your Mutant Champions by (x) seconds
Collar Tech: Retrofit Tech Champions with a field that reduces enemy ability accuracy by (x)%
Science Serum: Give Science Champions a Serum that increases their debuff potency and duration by (x)%
Cosmic Awareness: Increases Cosmic Champions’ buff potency and durations by (x)%

Thanks for reading!


  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    I feel dollar tech and mystic dispersion are fine
    I think for for cosmic I’d say simply buff duration possibly up to 40% at max
    For skill I think your idea is great
    Science I’d go with increases energy resistance by x% based on power (pretty much immune to energy damage at max power with 5/5)
    Mutants I’d go for debuffs last 40% longer at 5/5
  • SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    Thanks for your feedback @Kobster84 ! I wanted the mutant one to have reduced enemy debuff duration to make it similar to the previous one but your ideas are great, too!
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