Skill rank up. 5* or 4*

I have 4* rank 4 crossbones and gwenpool (nobody dupped, but I have a gem, and many sig stones). And 5* BP classik rank 2 (sig 36, could be 50 if needed). What is the best option for me?
P.S. DW are maxed. And I have only 1 4* 5/50 (hyp) and no rank 3 5*.


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    Definitely gp
  • Thanks a lot! In a few days gwen goes to r5!
  • Maybe another question? I want to use mystiс aw.gem. My options - Voodoo or SW. I can max sig to anyone. So SW with max sig is very good. But DV is good too. Who should I awaken?
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    Take 5* BP to r4...
  • I would choose BP and voodoo. Typical response is 5* are the future, but in addition to that, BP can do legend runs, and my buddy uses him as a lane clearer.

    I personally use 4* voodoo every single war. Used to use SW. Neither are bad options, but I believe Voodoo is better
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