player 620k looking for relaxed alliance 10 millions 553 or 444 AW 2 BG SOMETIMES 3 TIER 8/10

i m looking for a relaxed alliance for VETERAN i m 620K some good champs enough choice to play AW and AQ
AW 2/3 groups I DONT PLAY ASSIGNED PATH ok ? if i have to follow a plan no thanks FOCUS IS GOLD 3 if lucky 2 no more silver 1
Aq 553 or 533 444 443 on 3 groups
hum i like events SA 400k not under , and i want all play it (except arena optional) but of course real life comes first but i dont want to play in alliance where friends of friends can do what they want, alliance is not a parking to wait rewards, same officer is not because you are that you can do what you want i dont care you play like everybody some alliance add officers their friends....
line ok but i dont spend my life on it ok ?
if you think i can help you contact me in the game : JeanClaudeDusse
no message here i dont reply

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