RNG on War Season Crystals is not good



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    Those crystals are the main reason we stopped spending in aw. It's all based on luck so 3 crystals can beat 5.....doesn't make sense why theres random rewards.

    So that little bit of rewards, over the massive amount of other fixed rewards is the reason you stopped spending?
    It’s not really a massive amount of fixed rewards though is it
    but at the upper levels the random crystals are rally not that important in the totality of the rewards. Most of the issues around them come from jealousy.
    Both statements are absolutely false... and written with no experience of finishing or playing in plat 1 or 2 or masters.

    These crystals can give you equal or more catalysts than what you get aside from them ... its like 50% of the rewards ... I am not jealous with someone who puts more work and get more ... its about doing more or same and getting shafted for 10 seasons straight ... there is no equalisation ...
    1) Appeal to authority fallacy. The rewards are listed, you do not have to finish in the brackets to know what they are.
    2) You are absolutely false. It has the POTENTIAL to give more, and the Potential to give less. And this is only if you consider the rewards in the crystal, not all the extra rewards such as shards.

    You are not getting shafted, that would mean you are not getting what you are entitled to, but you are getting what you are entitled to, you are just being jealous someone else is getting luckier than you.
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    On main account 3 crystals
    8K t2a
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