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9100 prestige ally 6x5 looking to rebuild

New season, new members.

We’re running 6x5 in AQ, scoring over 300million. We’ve ranked between 184-199 the past month or so.

Looking for similar likewise prestige/skilled players to help complete our transformation.

Crush all events, no minimums. Standard donations for 6x5.

Currently Gold 2 (tier 7/8) in War. We run it every time but it’s not a focus or priority. We’re 14-1 since I’ve been here and will easily make G1 next season without any effort. Stress and item-free wars, just climbing our way up (alliance is only two months old).

Line required. Looking for 3-5 but would consider an entire BG. Hit me on Line or in-game: ButOfCorpse

Stay fresh.

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