What's your favourite bit of map design?

Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 905 ★★★
I think there's some interesting designs out there that Kabam has made for some maps. Whether it's the shape the paths make out, the themed enemy placement, or whatever, there's some pretty cool-looking maps out there. So I wonder which maps you really liked.

My favourite map is probably the last quest of Act 4. Spoiler warning for you guys who aren't there yet, in case the spoiler tag wasn't an obvious hint...

So 4.4.6 is the quest with Maestro. You have 5 paths that look almost identical apart from the nodes on each.
What I love about the map is that the enemies (Hulk, Magik, Gamora, Ronan, Iron Man and Captain America) are all expressed in some way in Maestro's design. He has Cap's shield, Ronan's hammer, Gamora and Magik's swords, Iron Man's armor (somehow made to fit him, but let's not focus on that) and he IS effectively the Hulk. I love it. Probably the only quest in act 4 that was designed super well. Everything else there is just... ugh.
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