Who to rankup

I have recently ranked up 5* Hyperion to R4. Now I dont have t2a to upgrade 5* Omega red to R4. Others are Darkhawk r3, Proxima r1, Gwenpool r1, Hawkeye r1, Red hulk r1, Karnak r1, Beast r1, Crossbones r2... I dont want to upgrade these as of now.

I have maxed out 4* as korg, gwenpool, void, sym supreme.I got some good 4* . So I am thinking of 1/2 4* to maxout by the time before upgrading Omega...

I completed 100% of last 3 months EQ. Done with 5.2.3. So I am targetting to get Uncollected by next month... So suggest me which 4* to max out who help me in getting Uncollected. btw I am in a tier5 gold2 ally with AQ map553. So suggest me champs who will help me the most...

Who to rankup 3 votes

Corvus Unawakened
JayProngsEtjama 2 votes
Cap IW Unawakened
Venom Unawakened
Emma Duped
Fhfjghhggggjfhfjg 1 vote
X23 Unawakened
Blade Duped
Aegon Duped
Others (Voo Doo Unawakened, Night Thrasher Awakened, Venom The Duck Unawakened, Massacre Unawakened, Quake Unawakened (But cant play good with her), Omega Unawakened & Hyperion Unawakened
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