Community Champions Competition

Greetings Summoners!

We’re gearing up for the first ever Summoner Showdown, where 27 Summoners from North America, selected from a pool of accomplished and well-known players, streamers, podcasters, tool makers, website developers, and moderators from Reddit, Line and Discord, will compete over 9 weeks to prove who’s the Community Champion of the Contest. Now it’s your turn to participate!

Vote for who you think will win each week!
Each week you can cheer on your favourite contestant by voting for who you think will win.

Choose wisely, the size of the prize for participants in the duel contest is determined by whether the community has picked the right one:

- If the Community picks the 1st place winner then each person who enters will receive 3 energy refills
- If the Community picks the 2nd place winner then each person who enters will receive 2 energy refills
- If the Community picks the 3rd place winner then each person who enters will receive 1 energy refill

Duel to win!
Duel to enter our random drawing for a chance to win a 5-Star Hero Crystal!

Entering is simple:

- Each week, our 3 Summoner Showdown Contestants will choose their favourite Champion.
- Duel one of those 3 Champions. We’ll tell you which Accounts to duel when the Contest goes live.
- You submit that duel by uploading a screen capture from the pause screen of the fight.
- Then vote for the Contestant you believe will win that week. Don’t know the Contestants? Ask around in the community. There are many who do!
- One random winner will be chosen each week to receive one 5-Star Hero Crystal. All other entrants will receive the number of Energy Refills determined by that week’s vote.

You must Duel one of the selected Champions on the designated Accounts to be eligible for either the Energy Refills, or the 5-Star Crystals.

The weekly giveaways will kick off every Monday from July 29th until September 23rd.

Duel and Vote from 10:00am PST each Monday to 10:00am PST each Wednesday.
Prizes will be announced and sent through in-game mail message that Friday.

On July 29th at 10:00am PST we will be posting the links to use for both the Contest entry and to vote.

Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday to the Summoner Showdown and follow your favourite Summoner on their way to take their spot at the Semifinals at New York Comic Con!
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