Suggestion for Invisible Woman

So, just gonna preface this. I got a 6* Invisible Woman recently, and after the initial glow wore off, I started to realize that I don’t really have a use for outside of AW defense, which is a REAL shame considering her playstyle is so unique and has such potential.

I quickly noticed a few glaring cons: you have to play perfectly to get any of her major damage, which is nigh impossible in many situations where the ai will not do as you need, will not necessarily have completely dodgeable abilities, and in an environment where whiffing on dex’s and miniscule parry timers seem to be commonplace.

Here’s my suggestion: keep the building up of vulnerabilities during invis, keep the current loss of invuln when you’re about to get hit, BUT: instead of all the vulnerabilities immediately cleansing and leaving you with 0 dmg (3 weaknesses or 5 vulnerabilities just does zilch honestly), make the vulnerabilities permanent or only cleanse them after getting knocked down or getting hit with a special or just getting actually combo’d (not on a blocked hit).

This will make it so that her damage isn’t insane at the start, but so she can ramp it up throughout the fight while still keeping the unique playstyle with an element of skill. I think this would be enough to make her useful. What do you guys think?


  • DjkrdjjDjkrdjj Posts: 444 ★★
    edited July 21
    No her whole point is high skill pretty good reward. Please stop trying to make high skill champs easy to play when they don’t really need it. So many other champs need it
  • CybroxisCybroxis Posts: 2
    That’s nice. Just another champ noone will play because there’s no point. Good argument lol
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