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Hey, I am looking to be semi-retired...

Not my usual post... :)

My job is changing this fall, and I am looking to do less, but still be involved and enjoy the game.

What I am looking for:

80 mil in AQ...glad to help.
Gold 3 in AW...glad to help, but maybe not always.
my team comms are usually pretty good.
But, I want to focus on some end game play, so you may not get my best toons...

I really like discord for team comms...would prefer not to go back to line.

need a laid back, supportive environment. Guys and gals who know how to play and have a near shenanigan free environment. need my questions answered as far as toons/abilities/utility, etc.

Not much of a boss killer.

6.9kish prestige. I just r5ed my Blade, I have 7 r4s, lots of 5-50's for filler. 830k player rating.

don't really want to mess with donations, unless it is really needed.

I don't play arenas anymore...just trying to fight burnout and enjoy the game.

Let me know... Ground Round is ign.



  • Pikerse_1Pikerse_1 Posts: 16
    Hey HMU if ur looking still Pikerse on line app
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 1,011
    still looking...

  • ImAwsum1ImAwsum1 Posts: 179
    2760st is my line ID
  • Queen143Queen143 Posts: 330
    My ingame name Queen B€€ add me there
  • Onky707Onky707 Posts: 10
    If you are willing to do line app, I'm onky707. We would be very accommodating
  • PC1996PC1996 Posts: 59
    Hey dude, my alliance is a low key one. Were laid back in AQ and only focus on AW (gold 1-2). We would love to have you, no minimums and no donations. Only thing is that we use line. If your interested add me on Line patc96. IGN is PC1996
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