Vault looking for 8k prestige members.

Hi The Vault is looking for new players. We will have from 1-7 spots open after AQ.( depends on how many people get recruited)

A little about us....

We play map 6 and map5. We are flexible on this and currently run map6 all week in two BG’s.

Even though war is secondary to AQ, we still always manage to be competitive and have always hit G1. At times we peak at Plat3.

We are adults and most of us are dads. We understand this is a game and treat it that way. We are active and expect activity daily, but you won’t get any crazy cult like behaviors here.

My main goal as leader has always been to make sure people have fun and enjoy playing.

Our prestige is in the 8,000 and our AQ score is around and below 500.

So if you want to join a fun alliance that has veteran leadership focused on keeping it real and enjoying the game, then you would probably enjoy Vault.

If you are interested contact me on line


If you want to view our ally then use the tag. V4ult

Hope to talk to you soon.

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