Should I R5 CapIW (duped) or R4 Magik (unduped)

I am looking to go for Cavalier and don't have a mystic R4 yet.These are my current R4 5 Stars.

Should I R5 CapIW (duped) or R4 Magik (unduped) 12 votes

CapIW to R5 Sig 80 currently
Speeds80Stark78AlfaRaymundo86NoWayBroFhfjghhggggjfhfjglewiscallanBLACKMILKTEA_88Wade420wilson69LainuaShep99Giodood_1Thoye3 12 votes
Magik to R4 (Unduped)


  • Shep99Shep99 Posts: 43
    CapIW to R5 Sig 80 currently
    if you can I would take Sparky up instead, he is so good! but that is just my opinion, you should improve the one you find you play the best with! everyone has different styles and different favourite champions as a result, you should follow your gut and improve the one you think can take you furthest
  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 4,686 ★★★★★
    Like @Shep99 , I'd say neither. Rank up that Sparky. ASAP. Again, just my opinion.
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