Doctor VooDoo or Archangel Rank up?

Doctor VooDoo or Archangel Rank up? 13 votes

Doctor Voodoo
PoolStark78AlfaBatman1903LainuaRagnabro 5 votes
HendrossZombieZeddBlackJ4zzHomerthegoodFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSkinnyfatboy82CharlesWasTakenncchamps 8 votes


  • Nightwing6666Nightwing6666 Posts: 170
    Any reasons people?
  • PoolPool Posts: 117
    Doctor Voodoo
    Both are good champs. Aa does mpre damage but relies on oponents being not imune to bleed and poison.

    Voodoo have regen etc but can still do good damage if oponents are poison imune
  • HomerthegoodHomerthegood Posts: 24
    I dont have AA but those that have say he is a game changer
  • Nightwing6666Nightwing6666 Posts: 170
    I forgot to mention my doctor voodoo is awakened but aa isnt
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