A UNIVERSAL DISCORD! (A better global chat)


Hey fellow summoners!

I have been playing mcoc on and off since the first week of it, due to other games such as fortnite and clash royale.

However I have now decided after running a lot of fortnite discords and what not that Marvel COC primarily uses Line and telegram or even ClanHQ for communicating in their alliance, and that the "global chat" is split into regions, for instance I'm in the African region, and the filter is a bit ridiculous, I can't even type "e" in chat without it being censored.

So I have now come to the conclusion that, this needs to change rather quickly.Myself being a MASSIVE marvel fanboy, I decided to combine my love for discord and mcoc and make a marvel contest of champions discord. I have already set up the server earlier today.

And now what I ask of you all is to please go ahead and click the link at the top to navigate to the new mcoc discord.

Q) What are the does the discord server entail?

A) It as of right now has a lovely global chat system, it offers a variety of music thanks to the rythm bot. It also has an LFA channel to help with your ingame progress and enjoyment, aswell as a few other neat features.

As of right now I'm looking for more chat mods so dm me on discord (Blaargo#1753) If you want to embark on that adventure.


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