How to farm ISO fast

BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
Hey guys:
I am missing a lot of ISO to rank up 5 star venom, venom the duck and omega Red, also 4 star woodoo and Corvus waiting too, Do you have any ideas how to get the ISO fast? Catalysts are not rare to me cuz i am in a 55555 alliance atm, and Gold i have more then 1.3 Million, but the ISO isnt coming in.
I know that dupe on 4 stars is a really good Thing for rank ups, but i dont get to many atm.
Act 4 is 100% just as act 3, act 5 is to hard ( Stück on 5.2.4)
If you have any idea i appreciate every help ♥️


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