Need some progression advice

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So I’m at lvl 53 and 100% act 4 yesterday with a team of 4/40 champs. First month I will 100% master eq and I don’t have a single max 4*. I currently have 2 5* champs and will be pulling my 3rd 5* in a few days.

So what should I focus on next? Should I try act 5 with the same 4/40 champs or should I just keep pLaying monthly eq and side quests to have the materials for a few 5/50 or 3/45 champs??

And if I decide to spend , should I spend on masteries or catalyst offers? Suddenly I feel very stuck after act 4!


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    If you have the skill you can get uncollected with 4-40 champs, I did it with a team of 4-40 sw hulk gr psylocke and a 3-30 hyperion, id probably wait to get the 5* then head in, also try to do master and heroic every month
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    Donnymeij said:

    Don`t spend. It really isn`t worth it. Just continue to do the montly eq on heroic and master and start with 5.1 with your current roster. Just start the quest and see how far you can get. If your team dies and you are not near the boss, just quit and try again another time. So you can get the hang of the notes in act 5.
    What champs do you have at 4/40?
    Doing it with a couple of 5/50 or 3/45 makes it a lot easier.
    Getting a couple 5/50 shouldn`t be to hard if you are in an alliance. Even if they only do map 2.

    Yes , my alliance does 1 bg map 2 , that’s it.

    Currently I have as 4/40
    Sym supreme
    X 23
    Ultron and a 2/35 hawkeye

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    Def worth tweaking masteries, if you are spending do it there to unlock and max the ones for your quests team. Check vids for mastery setup before you go crazy. Then take a swing at more story quests and push for uncollected, worth spending on revive and energy refills for lots of runs between AQ and AW when you best are locked in
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